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Change Agents For The Christian!

change agent

Introduction: Do you want to change and do you think it’s almost impossible? That’s what I have found. Yet there are people who have managed to make dramatic life changes. The question is how? I’d like you to meet a man enslaved by his passions, a man who could not stop. Do you know who he is? Let me introduce him to you. The topic is, Change Agents for the Christian! 1. The Pain of Change: To change we need a compelling reason for it. First we need to experience the pain of not changing. Then our conscience and the Holy Spirit begin to work. Pressure to make a change is what the first point is about. The man enslaved by his passions and who was unable to stop is Saul of Tarsus. There are a number of Scriptures about

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Be Loyal and Trust God!

be loyal

The Bible teaches that we need to be loyal to God, to our family, friends, God’s Word, and our Church and Pastor. When live this way we will have the success factors and true prosperity needed for making it in life. When we trust God and practice a loyal life it is going to work out well for us.

Be Loyal which is a key to life

The Bible says, “Let love and faithfulness never leave you…” Proverbs 3:2. The word love hear is best translated loyalty, so to be loyal is key.

Be loyal like King David

David lived a life of loyalty. It was a major key to his character. He could have killed Saul easily twice. On one occasion he shouted to Saul, “… The LORD delivered you into my hands…. Some urged me to kill you,

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American Economics Can Be Revived

american economics

How would you like to be well to do? I ask because American economics is declining. And it is in direct proportion to the decline of the Christian faith. Are you a Christian? How you are doing in your Christian life? It does affect your income!

American economics exploding

I remember reading parts of the life of Billy Sunday. He was a famous evangelist. In the early 1900’s his ministry transformed economies. Everywhere he held his meetings this transformation resulted. He left behind not only many new Christians and growing churches but left American economics booming. One of the comments was, “Sunday does the Lord’s work and is on the Lord’s side.”

American economics and prohibition

One of Sunday’s major topics was prohibition. Listen to what business was saying back in those days, “… This demonstration of Billy Sunday’s has

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Antichrist! Who Is He?


They called him Antichrist

Jack Van Impe who is known for his television program, Jack Van Impe Presents, comes close to suggesting that President Obama is the Antichrist. But what if it is Henry Kissinger? Isn’t he a little too old? But many people believe that Kissinger is the Antichrist and President Obama will be his right hand man!

Well I wouldn’t like to contribute to the latest Bible prophecy news to support such ideas. Remember that Adolf Hitler was once thought to be the Antichrist. But I would like you to see who the Antichrist is from God’s point of view! After you have finished reading this we will see why knowing about the Antichrist is so important.

Antichrist the lawless one

The Bible calls him, “…The man of lawlessness1 …” 2 Thessalonians 2:3. He will be appear

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God and Jesus, names Used in Vain

god and jesus'

When I was a boy, a young boy seven or eight, I began using the name of God and Jesus in vain. In other words I cursed using their names as swear words. It was like I was a sailor or a trooper. Pardon me guys. Maybe I have miss represented you. And I never felt a twinge of guilt for the dozens of times a day I used God and Jesus’ name in that way.

God and Jesus and becoming a Christian

It’s a bit of a story how I came to commit my life to Christ. But in short I was invited to Sunday school by a friend and a few months later I attended Bible camp. There I received Jesus Christ as Savior. Something happened to me I that I cannot explain, at least, not without God.

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